Introducing the use of Levasil Colloidal Silica in sol-silicate paint at the Coatings Vietnam Expo 2019 

At the recent Coatings Vietnam Expo 2019 the Levasil team joined distributor REDAChem to meet up with customers at this annual event targeting the coating industry in the region.

Dr Wen Bai, Technical Application Manager at Nouryon gave a well-received  presentation on how you can improve durability, weather resistance and anti-soiling properties in sol silicate paints using Levasil Colloidal Silica.

“Exposure to weather and pollution is a challenge for exterior coatings, especially in our cities. This is also the case here in Vietnam, so I see great potential in using colloidal silica to improve the life time of sol-silicate paints as well as other types of waterborne exterior coatings”, says Dr Wen Bai.

Our Levasil CC and Levasil CC products are used to improves key functionalities in a wide range of coatings, from durability in industrial coatings to performance of silicate paint and other architectural coatings. Colloidal silica can be used to enhance critical coating aspects such as hardness, pigment dispersion and anti-soiling properties, as well as allowing for better control of open time.

Levasil CC and Levasil CT application areas within coatings