It is vital that well cementing is both safe and predictable in oil drilling operations on land and offshore. Our Levasil OF products are optimized for low and high temperatures, as well as deep and ultra-deep waters.

Levasil Colloidal Silica is a natural, water-based cohesive binder that helps create more durable cement. A perfect component when cementing to secure steel casings in oilfield boreholes. Our Levasil OF products are registered on the OSPAR PLONOR list.

In cement-based applications, Levasil Colloidal Silica works exceptionally well as a stabilizer, a durability enhancer, an accelerator and a strength developer. Resulting in extremely stable, bleed-free cement slurries without free water. Levasil OF provides a substantial enhancement of early compressive strength, shortening the setting time of the cement slurry so drilling can resume faster – saving time and money.

Additionally, the low specific gravity of colloidal silica produces lightweight slurries that can be injected more controllably.

Levasil OF particles interact with the free lime (calcium hydroxide) – created during cement hydration – to create calcium silicate binders. These binders produce a cohesive gel structure that enhances cement-paste density, reinforces the structure between cement grains, and eliminates free water.

Thanks to their small size, the Levasil OF particles make their way into and fill up voids between the larger cement particles, reducing the risk of fluid loss. Combining colloidal silica and latex gives a synergetic effect that improves fluid loss control even further.

Our Levasil Colloidal Silica technology helps the formulator create more durable cement grouts. The lime is converted to more temperature stable phases and to more carbonation/acid-resistant calcium-silica-hydrates.

Recommended Levasil OF products

Levasil OF products are stable during storage and are perfect for use in a liquid additive system, resulting in virtually no waste during operations. The extremely high specific surface area makes our Levasil OF products very cost-effective per weight unit. This effectiveness per volume and weight unit gives lower transportation, handling and storage costs.




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Benefits of Levasil Colloidal Silica in well cementing

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