Adding Levasil Colloidal Silica in silicate paints is the natural way to secure longer lasting protection and color for all forms of stone and masonry. It allows you to improve durability, weather resistance and anti-soiling properties.

Potassium silicate in combination with colloidal silica is the main binder in this type of silicate paints. The use of silane-modified Levasil Colloidal Silica makes it possible to formulate concentrated one pack sol-silicate paints with good stability.

Colloidal silica reduces alkalinity, lowering the pH and solubility of the binder, and improving paint weather resistance as a result. Furthermore, it helps minimize internal stress and improve film properties, which is otherwise a potential problem in inorganic coatings.

The anti-soiling properties of the silicate paints are a result of colloidal silica making it very hard for dirt to adhere to the painted stone or masonry. The reason is that the silica particles have surfaces that, when used in a dispersion for a coating, make the painted surface smooth and more “hydrophilic”. In other words, water spreads evenly on the surface instead of forming drops, which makes it dirt-repellant. An additional benefit is that rainfall or a simple cleaning easily rinses the surface.

By using colloidal silica as a dispersant, pure inorganic dispersions can be made without using surfactants or other organic compounds that can negatively affect paint properties. In addition, colloidal silica is easy to use and not shear sensitive. Well-dispersed pigments and fillers give better color strength and intensity to paints, thereby improving their cost efficiency.

All this gives your silicate paints qualities that secure longer lasting protection against weather and wind. A natural way to be more sustainable when caring for our buildings and monuments.

The best suited Levasil CC products for silicate paints:

Compliant with current and proposed VOC legislation, EU eco-labeling and the Nordic eco label.

Product Data Sheet Particle Size (nm) pH Solids Content
Levasil CC301 7 7 30%
Levasil CC401 12 7 40%

Levasil CC151

5 10 15%

Benefits of Levasil Colloidal Silica in silicate paints

Levasil CC and Levasil CT application areas within coatings