To keep the cooling power, an elastomeric cool roof coating has to stay clean. This is where our Levasil CC products that enhance the anti-soiling properties of the paint have a key role to play.

In warm and sunny areas of the world, the use of elastomeric cool roof coatings with high solar reflecting properties is becoming more and more popular to reduce the need for air conditioning and to keep energy consumption down.

  • Dirt pick-up resistance (DPUR) - Elastomeric cool roof coatings are prone to dirt pick-up due to their tacky nature. Anti-soiling or DPUR is therefore a key parameter to be able to utilize the high solar reflecting properties of the cool roof coating. A simple solution is to add Levasil CC, our silane-modified colloidal silica, which significantly enhances the DPUR properties of the paint by reducing the tackiness.
  • Adherence to the substrate - It is also important that the coating firmly adheres to the substrate and expands and contracts with it upon temperature changes in order to also seal and waterproof the roof. The addition of colloidal silica improves adherence and mechanical properties of the coating without sacrificing coating elasticity and flexibility.
  • Keep the total solar reflectance (TSR) - Using Levasil CC in elastomeric cool roof coating does not affect the TSR or cause any degradation of the coating film. Thanks to the self-cleaning properties of Levasil CC, you get a cool roof coating that lasts longer.

Technical seminar at the European Coatings Show 2019

At the European Coatings Show 2019, we teamed up with our sister product line Expancel Microspheres to explain how the performance of elastomeric cool roof coatings can be further enhanced by combining the two products in the paint formulation. Watch the video below for a 15 minute technical seminar recorded at the show.

Speakers are: 
Dr Jan Nordin, Senior Application Engineer, Expancel
Dr Peter Greenwood, Technical Development Manager, Levasil Colloidal Silica

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The best suited Levasil CC products for cool roof coatings:

Compliant with current and proposed VOC legislation, EU eco-labeling and the Nordic eco label.

Product PDS

Particle Size (nm) pH Solids Content
Levasil CC301 7 7 30%

Benefits of Levasil Colloidal Silica in elastomeric cool roof coatings

Levasil CC and Levasil CT application areas within coatings