In addition to allowing for paint with a good dirt pick-up resistance and prolonged open time, Levasil Colloidal Silica is a natural solution that can reduce drying time and improve early rain resistance. The result: coatings that look better, apply more easily and last longer.

Dirt that accumulates on the surface of walls, for example, degrades the appearance and poses a problem that goes beyond pure cosmetics. This is especially true in coastal regions where fungi and algae flourish. Therefore, a paint that can withstand the the strain of daily weather is of great value. It requires less manual cleaning, and will last longer. Tests indicate that the lifetime of an exterior paint can be extended by 25% by adding silane-modified colloidal silica to the formulation.

Good dirt pick-up resistance is a key parameter for reducing the environmental impact of paint. A hard, non-tacky, and hydrophilic surface is crucial for good performance.

The prolonged open time properties offered by colloidal silica are also a way to increase the sustainability aspect of your paints, simply by making Levasil CC the natural choice instead of solventborne alternatives.

Bottom line – colloidal silica makes coatings last longer, and are better for the environment.

The best suited Levasil CC for architectural coatings:

Compliant with current and proposed VOC legislation, EU eco-labeling and the Nordic eco label.


Particle Size (nm)


Solids Content

Levasil CC301




Levasil CC401




Benefits of Levasil CC in architectural coatings

Levasil CC and Levasil CT application areas within coatings