Levasil Colloidal Silica can improve the efficiency of cleaning detergent formulations. When cleaning with detergent formulations enhanced by colloidal silica, surfaces receive enhanced anti-soiling properties. At the same time, glass and mirrors substrates are less likely to exhibit fogging.

Colloidal silica is very advantageous in cleaning detergent formulations. It can be used to adjust the hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties of surfaces that are cleaned. As a result, cleaned surfaces shed dirt naturally, look cleaner and fresher, and require less manual maintenance.

Similar to decorative coatings enhanced by colloidal silica, cleaning formulations with colloidal silica also improve wetting of a surface. This is especially important for glass and mirror surfaces. After cleaning with a colloidal silica detergent, water is less likely to form droplets – which resemble fog – on a glass or mirror surface.

Benefits of Levasil in cleaning formulations

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