In beverage clarification applications, Levasil Colloidal Silica is used as a functional-processing aid for removing undesirable components from liquids. Selection of the appropriate colloidal silica is critical for achieving processing goals.

One of the processes employed for the removal of fine particulates from liquids is flocculation. This process causes precipitates, called flocs, to float to the top (“creaming”) or settle to the bottom (“sedimentation”) of a liquid. In both cases, flocs can be easily removed or filtered out.

In beverage clarification, negatively charged colloidal silica particles are used in combination with gelatin and/or bentonite to flocculate undesirable proteins, yeast particles and pectin suspended in raw beverages. The resulting precipitates are then removed, improving the taste, appearance and shelf life of the final beverage.

A selection of our Levasil BF products for beverage clarification:


Particle Size (µm)

Specific surface area

Levasil BF16L

15 nm

200 m2/g

Levasil BF30

15 nm

200 m2/g

Levasil BF36 AM

7 nm

360 m2/g

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