Whether you’re polishing ultra-flat surfaces for semiconductors or a concrete floor in a warehouse, building large structures or intricate molds; or coating and protecting various surfaces, our Levasil Colloidal Silica products help improve your efficiency, sustainability and end result.

In response to your needs, our scientists continuously develop a broad portfolio of colloidal silica solutions. We offer several grades of fluid, low viscosity colloidal silica dispersions, which allows us to deliver the perfect colloidal silica product for your application.

The Levasil Colloidal Silica portfolio covers the breadth of particle size, surface areas, structure, concentration, pH, surface charge and surface modification. Everything in our portfolio is produced in our global network of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified manufacturing units.

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Applications where Levasil Colloidal Silica is used


Improving how materials bond

Beverage clarification

Functional-processing aid used to produce clean and pure liquids

Cleaning products

Stopping dirt from sticking with enhanced anti-soiling properties


Surface polishing for the perfect ultra-flat and low-defect substrate

Gel and AGM batteries

Ensuring a powerful charge

Paper and packaging

Enhancing the journey from pulp to printer

Precision Investment Casting (PIC)

Improving performance when temperatures are high

Refractory Materials (RFB)

Making tough products tougher

Textiles & Fabrics

Enhancing the weave

Water treatment

Functional-processing aid used to produce clean water