We take pride in improving our environmental impact and maximizing our positive societal impact.

Our future as a people, and as a company, hinges on our ability to innovate. We must not only continue to create value using fewer resources, we also need to maximize our use of renewable energy and materials. We are determined to turn what is an obvious challenge into a clear opportunity and
bring more value to our customers and society in general.

We're on a good path with Levasil Colloidal Silica. A product of two natural ingredients—sand and water—colloidal silica enhances and improves key functionalities of other products and manufacturing processes. As a result, our customers’ products demonstrate superior performance ultimately producing sustainability in their business as well as in our environment.

But supplying the right solutions goes beyond selling products. That’s why we also help our partners overcome challenges along the entire life cycle – from compulsory eco-efficiency analysis in investment decisions to the use of hydropower and sustainable raw materials in their manufacturing. Product stewardship is as important as looking after the economic, technical and commercial aspects of product management. We want to ensure that our products are handled and used safely.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Nouryon. It’s vital for the future success of our company, our society and our planet. 

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Product Stewardship and REACH

Product Stewardship is one of the cornerstones of sustainable business, and is therefore incorporated into the company’s HSE and operational eco-efficiency agenda

Company Position statements

We are a global specialty chemicals leader and have earned a place among the best performing companies in our industry in terms of safety, sustainability, and reliability. Acting in accordance with our core principles - safety, sustainability, and integrity - and our company values - leading the way, growing together, and delivering on commitments - enables us to be not only an industry leader but also a trusted partner, respected employer, and a responsible member of the communities in which we operate. Below you will find a link to key position statements for Nouryon.

Nouryon position statements

Applications where Levasil Colloidal Silica is used